Terms & Conditions

  1. Broker/agent is merely procurement agents only and not principles.
  2. Arbitration as per Mumbai High Court by loss, regulation and usages.
  3. The brokerage confirmation is issued subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.
  4. Materials are arranged from Different Sellers (Importer/Trader/Agents) from Ex Location.
  5. All orders subject to acceptance by buyer/seller.
  6. Market Pulse provided fluctuates as per its demand and supply.
  7. Product Prices are for advance payment only.
  8. Broker View/Market News Provided is Just View/Prediction and in case Might not have the same effect.
  9. Bulk Prices are from Ex Port and depends on Its availability.
  10. For Indian Manufacturer:
    1. Prices given are company’s Basic Prices from their Plant
    2. Its availability, Premium or Discount will be confirmed at the time of Deal.
    3. Before loading of material, if the Company’s Basic Price changes then the change will be applied in the Buyer’s account.
  11. Transportation & Insurance Cost is not included in any prices, which buyers have to arrange for themselves.
  12. Buyers have to Lift the Material within given storage period, After that storage charges will be applied.
  13. Drum/Barrel/Bags Prices are from Warehouse Situated at different Locations and Transportation, Local Transportation, Insurance, Loading, Unloading cost is not Included which buyers have to arrange for themselves.
  14. Payment to be done directly to Supplier/Seller account and not to us.
  15. Delay in any payment will be charged Interest charges by Seller, as per T & C decided at the time of deal.